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Why Coconut?

Tropical paradise

The coconut is an integral part of the tropics. Studded along most tropical coastal villages, it depicts a tropical paradise.

Easy crop to grow

The Coconut is an easy crop to grow in the tropics. When well-tended, an average tree is capable of producing up to 10 coconuts each month.

Health Benefits

In recent years, the Coconut has been revered globally for its host of health benefits.  Health conscious consumers are driving exponential growth in the market for high-value products like coconut water and virgin coconut oil.

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Demand worldwide

Today, the top coconut suppliers are struggling to meet the booming demands of the global economy. Demand for coconuts worldwide has risen more than 500% in the past decade.

The Nam Hom Coconut

Thai Origins

From its Thai origins to the exotic lands of Sarawak, we nurture ‘Aromatic Green Dwarf (Pandan or “Nam Hom”) Coconuts’.

Premium choice

A premium coconut of choice worldwide, famed for its refreshing sweetness and distinct fragrance.