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About us

Carus Eco Plants aims to be South East Asia’s premier exporter of halal and organic premium coconut products.    

Carus Eco Plants Sdn Bhd (CEP) is a private coconut venture company based in Sarawak, Malaysia.

As the Lead Anchor Farmer in Sarawak, we combine the powers of nature, community and innovation. 

As agropreneurs of this generation, it is our mission to address the world’s rising demand for coconuts and its declining supply.

Together, we can journey downstream to share the wonders of the coconuts from Sarawak to the rest of the world.



“Our ultimate goal is to be a leading example in the coconut industry in Sarawak – for Sarawak and beyond. 

Our extensive collaborative efforts in our R&D and technology transfer have allowed us to embark on an agricultural venture that will continue to grow. 

The incorporation of Green Technology and Zero Waste Systems as an integral part of what we do ensures that our business is relevant today and for generations to come.”

Jeremy Sim

“Guided by the natural processes of the environment, we are driven to lead as a reliable and efficient anchor farmer to ensure the production of high-value downstream products for all.

Our commitment to innovate Sarawak’s coconut industry is geared to address future demands and create a favourable socio-economic impact on our community.”

Keelan Woon

Technology Partner

Aromatic Farm Co. Ltd.

A member of “Earth Safe Foundation” and a 100% Certified Organic Farm, Aromatic Farm Co. Ltd. continues to garner recognition in Thailand and beyond.

Some of its accolades:

  • 2016- ‘Best Coconut and Output Farm’ Award
  • 2017- ‘The Best Practice Model Farmers of the Year 2017’